Eliminating social stratification, coercion and alienation, although located in the future, the New Humanity of Paleotopia retrieves to the non-alienated living of the pre-cultural Palaeolithic, only this time cleansed of the fear for survival thanks to the GRID.

Infinity Nature

,,Infinity Nature’’ building will be energy efficient and sustainable building, which refers to the application of processes that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient. Main goal is to reduce the overall impact on of the built environment on human health and the natural environment. Green building takes advantage of renewable resources, using solar, wind, kinetic and geothermal energy in order to produce electricity.

Augmented Experience – EASA 2018

They have disassembled Rijeka’s abandoned places, investigated them, took notes and drew, then put it all together and uploaded it for your hungry eyes. This project is for all of you who missed Rijeka’s magical urban pockets when you were there, but also for those who had seen them and know them well – this will warp your perspective of it! Hristina and Nikola, the workshop’s tutors joined us for an interview about their digitally analogue project.

Museum public space sprawl

Under the initiative of YAP, founded to promote and support young architecture, and in collaboration with the MAXXI museum in Rome, the proposed taks deals with the multifunctional, temporary courtyard space of the museum. Words about one of the five finalist projects are brought to you by the authors, Studio KolendićKrmek.